POS Software In Bangladesh

POS Software In Bangladesh

What Is POS Software?

Point of Sales Software formally know as POS software is a software application that is used to manage shop business. With POS software shop business owner can create customer invoice easily. The main benefit of this software is owner can check his shop’s accounting report within a minute. Which takes sometimes days if maintain with traditional tally book. Now POS Software in Bangladesh is being popular day by day. The business owners in Bangladesh are interested in this software because it makes easier for them to manage the accounting of their shop.


Usage Of POS Software In Bangladesh

As technology is growing day by day in Bangladesh so usage of accounting software is also increasing. Significantly the usage of POS software is also increasing in Bangladesh from the past few years. POS software can be used for managing any kinds of shop business. Currently the software is using in managing Super Shop, Stationary, Library, General Store, Electronics & Electric Showroom, Mobile Shop, Computer & Accessories Store, Automobile Showroom, Footwear, Readymade Garments & Fashion House, Photo Studio and all other shop business.


Benefit Of POS Software In Bangladesh

There is a wide range of benefit of POS software in Bangladesh. The main benefit of this software is you can check your stock and accounting balance anytime just a few clicks. Which is time and cost savings. Sometimes a POS software can perform a job of more than two staffs. There are also many other remarkable benefits. Such as

  • Generate Customer Invoice
  • Keep Track On Customer/Supplier Due
  • Manage Stock & Inventory
  • Generate Purchase Invoice
  • Create Sales & Purchase Order
  • Generate Profit/Loss Report
  • Generate Date To Date Sales Report
  • Customer & Supplier Payment
  • Manage Business Data
  • And more…


Different Type of POS Software In Bangladesh

Different Type of POS Software In Bangladesh

There are different type of POS software. The main two type of POS software is

  1. Desktop Based POS Software
  2. Cloud Based POS Software


Desktop Based Software: This type of POS software is mainly offline software. It requires no internet connection as the database is stored in the storage of desktop. As it requires no internet connection so the cost of using this type of is less compare to other. But the problem is if the hard disk of the computer crashed then the data may be lost. Also it is not possible to access or operate the software remotely.

Cloud Based POS Software: This type of software is online POS software. The data is stored in a cloud server in this type of software. As the database is stored in remote cloud server so internet connection is mandatory. The main benefit of this software is you can manage multiple branch from one place. Also you can access this software from anywhere in the world using any device computer, mobile, tablet that has internet connection.


POS Software Price In Bangladesh

There are many IT companies providing POS software. But you need a quality POS software to manage your shop business accounting correctly. There are many cheap software in the market of Bangladesh which do not maintain proper quality. So you have to take proper decision before selecting the correct software for your business. Otherwise you will get wrong report and calculation which will make a unrecoverable loss of your business. Also the security of your business data should also be one of the major concern.

IT SOURCE is one of the leading IT company which is providing POS software in Bangladesh as well as other country in the world for more than 8 years. We have both desktop based and online POS software. We have more than hundreds of satisfied customer who are using our POS software. You can learn about the details features and benefits of our online POS software from here.

The price of POS software in Bangladesh may vary according to business type and requirement. The price of our POS software starts from 6000 BDT. If you need POS software for your business you can contact with us.


Free Demo of POS Software In Bangladesh

We are allowing you to take decision properly before investing your money for POS software. We are giving the chance to take experience of the full features of our POS software before buying. It will help you to determine if our software is right for your business or not. For accessing the free demo of POS software you just need to fill the form below. Our expert team will get back to you with the free demo and consultation.

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